You have 1Life, make it a healthy one!

You have 1Life, make it a healthy one!

Woughton Leisure Centre is offering a new community health scheme to support local people with simple but effective ways to improve their health and wellbeing as part of a national 1Life initiative.

1Life has launched a new initiative offering in-depth health checks as well as an easier, more attainable system to set health goals outside of a gym.

As part of the Health Seekers Initiative, 1Life has partnered with GGFit and invited former members back to its Woughton Leisure Centre for health checks using its state-of-the-art Inbody machines, which measure everything from body composition to hydration levels.

The check ups are done by fully-trained 1Life coaches that have undergone further education from GGFit and can offer simple ways to improve health and wellbeing.

Ian Stenson, 1Life’s Contract Manager for Milton Keynes, said: “We know there are a lot of people in Milton Keynes who take an active interest in their health but don’t want to join a gym and this initiative is for them. With just one visit to our Woughton Leisure Centre you will understand more about your body than ever before and learn simple and practical ways to improve your health.

“There is so much information within the public realm at the moment and it’s not always easy to fully know or understand what makes a person healthier. Exercise is important but we understand for some people, joining a gym will never happen. We are trying to break down barriers and engage with more people to help them better understand how their body works and the simple day-to-day interventions they can do to make them feel healthy – both in mind and body.”

Ian adds: “As a public access leisure provider, we have a duty to help as many people as we can and engage with as broad a demographic as possible to provide help and advice. I’d encourage anyone in Milton Keynes to come down and get their results and change their lives for the better.”

Guy Griffiths, founder of GGFit, said: “We know before the Covid-19 pandemic, just 15% of people in this country had a gym membership but 7 out of every 10 people wanted to improve their health. This initiative gives people the opportunity to improve their understanding of their own health and wellbeing without needing to pay for a gym membership.

Guy adds: “The goals set by coaches focus more on lifestyle changes, such as walking, nutrition or hydration, rather than a strict workout programme and diet plan. “

To book your first Health Seekers session speak with reception at Woughton Leisure Centre.

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