Where and who to trust with your printed marketing!

Where and who to trust with your printed marketing!

Were you shocked to read the recent poll on Facebook?

MKFM radio recently ran a poll on Facebook about the delivery of MK’s local paper to which I was partial surprised to read the result.

As of today (6th July 2020) 72% of the people who had answered the poll have NOT received the recent copy and what’s more out of 220 comments the majority had NOT received a copy for many many years.

Now, I am fully aware that this sounds like a slagging off post, but OMG it drives me crazy to think that SO many business owners, large and small are spending their hard-earned money on marketing that is not even reaching their target market.

With ALL the technology we have at our disposal today, it is not that difficult to ensure your clients are getting what they ask and pay for.

Okay, rant over!

We often get asked why we track ALL of our deliveries of both Your Local Flyer Magazine and all of our leaflet delivery rounds, the answer is simple. We can say, when, where and who delivered this all-important marketing material, not only for us but for the many clients we have within the magazine and who’s leaflets we have been trusted to deliver.

A GPS tracked delivery is one of the most important things we can offer to our clients along with, quality printing, timely deliveries and cost-effective marketing. When I say quality printing, what I mean is, adverts are not lost on a page with many similar coloured competitors. Quality paper, the advert in the page behind should NOT be seen in your advert. This one is another one of my biggest pet hates.


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