The most important design elements of your advertising

The most important design elements of your advertising

The professionalism and effectiveness of your advert design is the difference between it being your most successful campaign yet or a complete flop. Here are the 7 most important design elements for your advert:

Size and type

The first thing to decide on is the size of your advert. Will it be an A5 flyer or an insert into a magazine? The size and type of your advert should be decided upon before any designing begins – otherwise, if you change your mind halfway through you will need to re-do most of your design to fit the new shape.

On-brand design

If your business has a blue colour scheme with white text that’s used consistently on all your branding materials and website, don’t suddenly create an advert with a yellow background and pink text. For established businesses, brand recognition is a key factor in building trust with potential customers. Don’t confuse people by suddenly sending them something they won’t recognise.

A clear, consistent theme

You can’t write your entire history in one advert. Come up with a theme for your campaign and only add content to the advert that matches that theme. For example, an advert promoting a new 20% off sale probably shouldn’t contain the statistics from your latest annual report.

An eye-catching headline

People tend to skim-read adverts when they first pick them up in order to decide if they are interested in the subject matter. Craft eye-catching, emotive headlines to draw people in and encourage them to continue reading. The headline should be large, easy to read and positioned at the top of your advert.

Compelling imagery

The famous saying “a picture says 1000 words” is certainly true in advert design. Images help to break up the text and can also illustrate what you are saying in the text. If you are advertising a new product, show photographs of people using it. For charity campaigns, photos of the people/animals/etc. that you have worked with help to legitimise your work in the reader’s mind. Emotive or thought-provoking images can be powerful marketing tools in their own right.

Good balance of images & text

As important as images are, you must be careful to strike a good balance between images and text on your advert design. Don’t miss out on key information that needs to be written down. Likewise, don’t try and squeeze ten paragraphs of text onto a half page advert – it the text isn’t easily legible, it won’t get read.

Perfect spelling and grammar

We can’t emphasise this enough! Your advert must have PERFECT spelling and grammar. Check your text, and then check it again… and again. Send it round a few different people in the office to get them to check. If you work alone, ask family members or friends to read it over.

Nothing ruins a marketing campaign faster than poor spelling – particularly when a brand name or word in a headline is misspelt. It screams “unprofessional” and will make people less likely to engage with your brand.

3 of the biggest design mistakes to avoid

You need your advert design to be as effective as possible in order to maximise the success of your campaign. Don’t fall foul of these massive design mistakes when designing your advert.

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