The importance of repetition in leaflet delivery marketing campaigns

The importance of repetition in leaflet delivery marketing campaigns

Repetition in marketing campaigns is imperative to successful leaflet marketing. For the best return on investment (ROI) for your marketing budget, don’t send out 30,000 leaflets to 30,000 addresses. Instead, send out maybe 10,000 and then follow that up with another leaflet to those same people six weeks later, and then six weeks after that.

In most cases, repeat marketing using consistently branded leaflets can generate you a higher response rate and more business than by targeting a larger number of addresses only the once. This is a marketing technique called effective frequency.

However, it’s not just leaflet marketing that benefits from repetition; this technique can be used across all marketing platforms:

Repetition in catalogue advertising

If you compare a year’s worth of catalogues from the same company, the front covers are likely to look incredibly similar. Companies that use catalogue advertising are very aware of the benefits of instant brand recognition. Each edition is likely to have the same heading style with the brand name or logo at the top of the page, a large headline and some imagery. Even though each catalogue will be advertising different products, as soon as it drops through the letterbox you know the brand.

You should aim for that same level of brand familiarity with your ongoing leaflet campaigns.

Repetition in TV advertising

Often when companies create television advertisements, they don’t just plan one single ad – they plan a series that follow the same theme. For example, Red Bull uses a distinctive cartoon style in their adverts. Even if you turn on the television halfway through the advert, you immediately know that you’re watching something by Red Bull.

Similarly, comparison website Go Compare has been running their opera singing “Gio Compario” adverts for several years now. Brand association through repetition can do wonders for your profits – even if people don’t particularly LIKE the message you are repeating. Pretty much everyone you speak to about the Go Compare adverts says they are annoying and many claim not to like them, but when Go Compare changed tact and started running a different campaign they quickly realised their mistake and brought dear old Gio back.

That’s not to say that you should always follow the same design with your leaflet campaigns, but remember that the more people recognise your brand, the more trust they will have in your business. Innovation and new directions are what keep your brand fresh, but if you decide to send a completely different leaflet design, we recommend tracking the response rate. Compare the number of sales or leads attributed to the campaign to the average results of previous leaflet campaigns so that you know whether the new design is having a positive or negative effect with customers.

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