The hidden costs of poor leaflet delivery

The hidden costs of poor leaflet delivery

Marketing your business takes time, effort, patience and creativity. An effective leaflet campaign doesn’t just magically appear – it takes investment in the concept, design and printing to produce a leaflet that fully embodies the quality of your business.

When you’ve gone to all that trouble, why risk it all on choosing an inefficient or untrustworthy leaflet delivery partner?

If you pay someone to deliver your leaflets, you expect them all to be delivered. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. We’ve written in the past about the impact of dumped leaflets as that can cause serious problems for the businesses that hired delivery partners in good faith.

Whether it’s due to fly-tipping, posting multiple copies of your leaflet through the same letterboxes or simple non-delivery, the hidden costs of poor leaflet delivery can be huge.

What does poor leaflet delivery cost your business?

Wasted cost on the delivery
If you pay a company to deliver your leaflets and they don’t honour that agreement, you’ve effectively thrown away the money that you’ve paid them.

Wasted design cost
Whether you designed the leaflets yourself or paid a designer to create them, all those hours are wasted if nobody actually gets delivered the final leaflets.

Wasted printing cost
As above; undelivered leaflets mean that the money you spent on printing them on that high-quality glossy paper has been for nothing.

Potential fines from local councils
If your leaflets get dumped rather than delivered and somebody informs the local council, they may prosecute your business for fly-tipping which could result in a fine of over £2,000.

Damaged business reputation
Taking a knock to your reputation can be extremely costly for your business. If people in the local area disapprove of the delivery techniques (e.g. fly tipping or posting multiple copies of your leaflet through their letterbox at the same time) then they will be less likely to visit your business in the future.
5 things to watch out for when choosing your leaflet distribution partner:

Low cost
As with everything in life, if the price quoted to you seems too good to be true then it probably is. It is far better to spend a little bit more for a guaranteed delivery from a trusted company than to risk your campaign failing by choosing someone who doesn’t complete the work.
No tracking
If a company doesn’t offer any form of tracking, how do you know that you haven’t become an unsuspecting victim of leaflet dumping? Reputable leaflet delivery companies offer GPS tracking to ensure your leaflets get delivered to the full range of addresses.
Unclear terms and conditions
Always read the terms and conditions of any leaflet distribution companies carefully. If there is anything in there you are unsure of, ask them about it. Don’t proceed unless you are completely happy with the terms and conditions, particularly those involving non-delivery or late delivery of your leaflets.

Always ask the leaflet distributors for their anticipated timeframe for the deliveries. If you have a time-sensitive leaflet ready to be delivered but they won’t send them for another month, it’s time to find a different delivery company.
No testimonials or customer feedback
If a company doesn’t offer any form of testimonials from happy clients on their website then you should ask yourself why that is. Are they trying to hide something?
Should I hire a leaflet delivery company?

Don’t let all of the above put you off hiring a company to deliver your leaflets. Leaflet delivery partners remain a cost-effective and time-efficient way of getting your leaflets delivered to a wide range of addresses.

If you take the time to research and choose a reputable leaflet delivery company, you’ll be blown away by the results.

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