Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are provided to give you clarity about the way we work, confirms expectations of level of commitment from both parties and ensures we are all protected.

The Means:

In this document the following expressions have the following meanings: The Client means the person or company who accepts a verbal or written quotation from YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD for contracted services.

Your Local Flyer Magazine


Proposals may contain confidential information provided by the Client. YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD agrees not to convey such information to any third party.  Similarly YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD’ proposal may contain concepts, notions and design specifically prepared for the Client. The Client undertakes not to disclose or use contents or parts thereof except with prior written approval of YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD. YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD retains copyright of all work until all invoices have been settled in full.
Final copy will be submitted to the Client for proof reading and approval. Copy will not be sent for approval if supplied by the Client. Thereafter the Client will accept full responsibility for the content. Any contract resulting from a quotation submitted by YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD will incorporate these terms and conditions to the exclusion of any terms and conditions of the Client and be governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Artwork supplied after deadline without prior communications will result in advertising booking being cancelled, a credit note will be raised for the months booking in question should we have invoiced.


Deliveries of Your Local Flyer Magazine are carried out within a reasonable time, delays in deliveries can be caused due to weather conditions. Reports are available upon request.

The Leaflet Delivery Company MK LTD

Leaflet Delivery:

We will carry out your leaflet delivery to the agreed areas within the agreed timeframe. Delays can be caused due to weather conditions. GPS tracks are available upon request as proof of delivery. Should we not be able to delivery your leaflets with in your requested timeframe we will offer a refund for the undelivered leaflets. Deliveries that have taken place will not be refunded. We guarantee that your leaflet will be the only one delivered within your specified industry. Takeaway menus/leaflets are open to being delivered with another outside of your chosen cuisine.

Leaflet Printing

YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD will carry out your print requirements upon approval of a quote and artwork. Supplied artwork must be print ready and to the desired specification. Any artwork supplied that does not meet printing guidelines will be rejected and amendments charged. Any cancelled print orders are subject to 100% payment.



In the event of cancellation by the Client, the Client shall pay a cancellation fee of 50% to take account of the chargeable value of time and expenses incurred and costs incurred. YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD require one months notice to cancel existing advertising.
Cancellations made outside the required one month’s notice will also incur a £25 administration fee.


Payment terms of YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD. Payment to be taken in advance of advert going to print paid in full or monthly. If monthly option is taken, first payment by debit or credit card. Subsequent payments will be taken by Direct Debit on or around 7th of each month.
Payment shall be made in accordance with YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD prescribed terms. Payment is defined as ‘cleared funds’. Terms are as stated on the invoice. YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD reserves the right to charge interest for admin fees and on sums overdue on a weekly basis from the date such payment was due to the date of actual payment (both days inclusive) at the current Bank of England base rate + 4% Currently 9%). Such interest shall be paid on demand.
YLF MK LTD and The Leaflet Company MK LTD shall charge such costs, charges and expenses as may be agreed in order to complete the contract. Unless otherwise stated all such charges are exclusive of VAT.

Should FULL payment not be made by stated due date all discounts will be revoked.


Please not, it is really important that these terms and conditions work well for both parties, therefore, please take a moment to re-read and check that there are not any questions that we need to answer or commitments that you are unable to stick to. Are you happy to progress? Then that’s great because we are really looking forward to working with you in the future.