Targeted Leaflet Delivery

Targeted Leaflet Delivery

Even the best-designed leaflet in the world won’t get results if it’s not delivered to the right people.

It’s often said that who you are marketing to is more important than the message you are sending them.  Therefore, it’s imperative that your leaflet delivery campaigns are planned properly with your target market in mind.

When you instruct us as your leaflet delivery agent we’ll find out about your target market.  You’ll then receive a full delivery plan, giving you a demographic profile of the area that we’re delivering to.

We hold data based on the following criteria.

1. Property Type
2. Property Ownership
3.  Lifestage
4. Wealth

So whether your target market is Wealthy old age pensioners that own their own properties or whether it’s families with school-age children in council houses, we can devise the perfect delivery plan for you.

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