Parking Charges Could Rise Again

Parking Charges Could Rise Again

Higher parking charges could be on their way for MK drivers as the Labour-led Council look set to offer free parking to Electric Vehicles across the centre leaving a hole in the Council’s income.

To make that measure work extra income would have to be raised from elsewhere, meaning employees and shoppers could once again see a rise in parking charges.

The decision to allow Electric Vehicles free parking across all 20,000 CMK spaces was part of a successful bid for MK to become a Go Ultra Low City.

Commenting on the proposal, Cllr Edith Bald, Conservative Group Leader said, “Whilst I am fully supportive of the drive for lower vehicle emissions, the Council has to be careful how they sell it. I don’t like the idea of free parking and other perks for people who can afford brand new cars, leaving those who can’t afford this luxury to carry the cost. I fear that in order to balance the books parking charges will go up and bus subsidies will come down. That’s not good and my Group will not support it.”

Default.aspxCllr Alex Walker, Conservative spokesperson for Transport added, “This is another example of the Labour-led council robbing Peter to pay Paul. We saw this with skinny parking spaces and Labour was forced to back down. I am waiting to see exactly what they assumed in their bid in terms of take up and how they propose to pay for these concessions.”

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