MP Meets with GranPart to discuss Grandparents Rights

MP Meets with GranPart to discuss Grandparents Rights

GranPartMilton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart has promised to raise the rights of grandparents in Parliament after meeting with MK based ‘GranPart’.

GranPart is a newly formed group that offers advice and support to individuals who have become estranged from their grandchildren. Founder Marion Turner launched the group after she struggled to attain access to her grandson.

Marion said, “When I started sharing my situation with other people it soon became clear that I wasn’t alone, and that many other grandparents were suffering similarly, and like me they found it difficult to share what they were going through with other people who were not suffering.”

She added, “I was delighted Iain came along to meet the group and discuss what more could be done to help people like me who all they want is to have a positive relationship with their grandchildren.”

Mr. Stewart said, “I would like to thank Marion for inviting me along. It was a really interesting discussion. Clearly there is more that can be done so I will be making some enquiries and raising the matter with Minister.”

If you would like to find out more about GranPart please visit their website

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