Market Makeover

Market Makeover

Cllr Bald MarketThe CMK Market is set to get a makeover should the Conservatives take control of MK Council in May.
In recent weeks there has been reports that parking charge rises have seen the future of the Milton Keynes Market put at risk as shoppers choose to go elsewhere. The Conservative have said they are determined not to let that happen and believe their plan would not only see shoppers return but also attract more visitors from across the region.

Cllr Edith Bald announced the plans today, she said: “I have become very concerned about the Market. Many people rely on it for their day to day shopping and for the traders the Market is their livelihood.”

“There has been a lack of investment in the market over many years and more recently Labour’s increase in parking charges around Market Square has driven shoppers away.”

She added, “Every successful city has a thriving market and that is why I am keen to improve the current state of affairs. Making this happen needs strong leadership and collaboration. There are no easy answers but if I am elected Leader of the Council in May I will bring together key stakeholders to construct and agree a short and longer-term action plan. Doing nothing is not an option in my book. The market has always been important to Milton Keynes and Conservatives won’t let this slip away.”
The Conservative’s objectives are:

  • Restore standard rate parking in the immediate areas surrounding the market.
  • Spruce up the market stall structures so they look more attractive for visitors.
  • Agree on a vision for the market for delivery over a 3-5 year term.
  • Protect the current offer but broaden the mix of trades, including consideration of a covered market with an improved food offer & sale of local produce.
  • Launch a marketing campaign to attract visitors from across the region. Including digitalising the market with a new website, social media and a digital 360 tour of the site.
  • Improve signage in the City Centre to direct people to the market.

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