Learn life-saving emergency medical skills at intu Milton Keynes

Learn life-saving emergency medical skills at intu Milton Keynes

Shoppers can brush up on their first aid and pre-hospital emergency medicine skills while out shopping at intu Milton Keynes, thanks to medical students from the University of Buckingham.

On Thursday 29 August and Thursday 5 September, the medical students will be at intu Milton Keynes demonstrating these essential life-saving skills to the community.

Members of the community will be able to take part in short, two-minute demos. These include CPR using a resuscitation dummy, and how to successfully apply bandages and slings in a medical emergency. The team from the University of Buckingham will also hand out leaflets explaining the all-important ‘ABC’ (airways, breathing and circulation) of first aid.

The students will be accompanied by Dr Tom Evans, GP and Clinical Competency Lead, and Dr Jacqueline O’Dowd, Quality Lead and Senior Lecturer, both from the University of Buckingham Medical School.

Jacqueline said: “Our community engagement project is something we run with our medical students. Our aim is to give people the opportunity to test their knowledge and practice vital lifesaving skills. It’s as easy as ABC to save a life! These skills may one day save a member of your own family so please come along and see us. Our students will only take up a couple of minutes. We can help people from every age group to save lives.”

This is not the first time intu Milton Keynes has partnered with the University of Buckingham on an event like this. Following the success of the previous collaboration, both parties decided the event should be repeated to help educate as many members of the public as possible.

Gail Buckland, customer services manager at intu Milton Keynes, said: “It’s so important for people to learn these skills as you never know when you might be faced with an emergency situation. To be able to collaborate with a local university to help educate the public is wonderful. Having strong community relationships like these means that we can have a positive impact on the society around us.”

For more information, visit https://intu.co.uk/miltonkeynes

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