Keeping fit and Healthy whilst working from home

Keeping fit and Healthy whilst working from home

Lovely to be here! 

I’m Paul Collins the owner of PC Physiotherapy and I want to highlight the importance of maintaining a balance between work, fitness and health while having to work from home. 

For almost a year we have been going through a difficult time as a nation, having to adapt our normal way of life to keep others and ourselves safe. This has led to many working remotely. it was shown in September 2020 that 60% of the UK’s population are currently working from home. 

This new way of working does have its advantages such as, not being required to commute into the office as well as giving individuals more time to relax and be with their families as the stress of travelling and traffic is removed from the working week. 

The opportunity to save money arises as expenses on travel (petrol or public transport), 

buying coffees, lunch and the odd sneaky snack no longer occur as we can prepare our own food at home.  

While we recognise the benefits from being at home, after a prolonged period it can take a toll on our mental health. Through not being able to socialise the feeling of isolation and loneliness can set in and some Brits have found it difficult to separate work from home causing strain on relationships. 

To encourage positive mental health a clear boundary between work and home life should be established, this could be shutting down all laptops and work phones once you finish work and do not turn on until the next day, giving you enough headspace to unwind and prepare for the next day.

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