Iain Stewart MP encourages people in Milton Keynes to apply to join the net zero workforce

Iain Stewart MP encourages people in Milton Keynes to apply to join the net zero workforce

Net Zero WorkfoIain Stewart MP is calling on the people in Milton Keynes who are looking for an apprenticeship to apply for a role that could help transform the UK energy sector and reach net zero climate targets.

The schemes are run by National Grid which sits at the heart of Great Britain’s energy system, keeping the lights on and gas flowing so people can go about their daily lives. Their research shows that the UK energy sector needs to recruit for 400,000 skilled jobs right across the country between now and 2050 to get the UK to net zero.

National Grid are currently looking to hire for their apprenticeship programmes which offer opportunities to foster and shape the skills needed for a green energy future through a mix of studying and hands-on experience, transforming the interest young people have in tackling climate change into a reality.

The schemes can set them on the path of a meaningful career and provide the right environment for them to become, for example, the civil, mechanical and electrical engineers or data analysts of tomorrow.


Iain Stewart MP said:

“Green energy sector apprenticeships are important to building a workforce that will help the UK tackle climate change. I know young people are passionate about this agenda, and these programmes provide a great opportunity for them to be part of the generation finding solutions and delivering on climate ambitions at a critical time in the UK’s path to net zero.

“Through a mix of studying at university and practical training at the National Grid’s first-class facilities in Eakring, they can explore different roles and develop their skills in a range of areas all whilst contributing to the fight against climate change.”


Jade Kimpton, National Grid Apprentice said:

“I’m on the National Grid Level 4 higher apprenticeship, training to become a substation engineer. This programme provides on-the-field experience working on substation equipment, includes a range of training opportunities and I will also gain a Foundation degree in Electrical Power engineering.

“For anyone that’s thinking about applying, my advice is go for it and explore all the options available. Whether your preference is hands-on and practical, or more office based, there’s an apprenticeship in the energy sector for everyone.”


The deadline for apprenticeship programmes is 27 February 2022.

For more information on the apprenticeship opportunities available at National Grid: https://careers.nationalgrid.com/new-talent/apprentices

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