How to get the best ROI from your advertising campaign

How to get the best ROI from your advertising campaign

Since 2006, Your Local Flyer has grown from a small business to one of Milton Keynes’ best known advertising mediums. 

Each week, we deliver up to 30,000 leaflets and magazines, and use up to date mobile tracking systems for each round that we deliver, so you have the assurance that each round is delivered efficiently. Each round goes out with up to 4 leaflets, but you will never be sent out alongside a competitor. We also have up to date house counts for every estate in Milton Keynes and surrounding villages.

If you’re new to advertising, then below are some helpful tips to help make the experience as care free as can be and give you the best ROI (Return On Investment).

The top 4 tips we find give you the best results are:

  1. Over the years, many clients have found that adding an offer or voucher to their advert/leaflet has a better ROI (Return On Investment). An offer gives new customers a chance to trial your business.
  1. It is a myth that double sided leaflets are double the price of a single sided leaflet. When in fact, it can be only pennies more. So use the space wisely! 
  1. Editorials accompanying an advert can give a real boost to your ROI. Giving you space to explain more about what you do and how well you do it! 
  1. Make your message clear and concise. Do NOT overload your advert/leaflet with information. A really good ‘Call to Action’ will draw in the reader.

We have written a paper on ‘Creating Killer Headlines’ click here to download your copy. 

Whilst a leaflet delivery or advertising campaign can increase your ROI there are other ways. Download our ‘5 Top Ways to Generate Business’ paper here

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