Help and Support Groups

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Centre

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Healthier App

Try the simplest way to order your medicines. Local pharmacy delivers them to your door for free. Join today. (Link only works on phones)

OBS Medics LTD

We want to help by offering an patient transport service to the community.

MK Community Foundation

A guide to being a good neighbour.


This group has been set up to help those that are affected by the COVID - 19. The group is for anyone wanting to help or needs help.

Iain Stewart MK South MP

With regards to questions and queries from businesses and individuals, on Iain's website there is a range of information and links to the relevant Government website around COVID-19.

Middleton Community Support Group

Providing support from neighbours for those having to isolate do to the government CoronaVirus advice or affected by others needing to isolate themselves. If email is not possible please contact 07783 362838 during a reasonable hour please 🙂

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