Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Rise and shine.

As health practitioners looking after the society in general is our main goal. This is now more important than ever. COVID-19 brought about various challenges to humanity, looking after ourselves mentally and physical is more important than ever.

Keeping a healthy body is important as it improves the body’s immune system, keeps us more energized and allows us to do more daily. minor illness can be tackled from keeping good health. keeping a healthy body does not mean doing high intensity exercises every day, low level moderate exercises are just as effective, taking part in pilates, yoga or just general stretches 20-30 minutes a day will bring about great physiological changes to the body which in turn limits the chances of aches and pains. consuming a balanced diet is a key factor as muscle of the nutrients we consume determine our energy levels.

keeping a healthy mind means you will be more creative as a person; you will be a better influence on the immediate people around you as you will be much more caring and thoughtful of others. Keeping a healthy mind allows you to focus on your goals and pushing yourself to achieve more regardless of the challenges in front of you, facing difficulties can limit the minds’ ability to perform daily and looking after yourself as an individual or the people around you. Taking breaks when doing high intense work can put the mind under stress, research has suggested taking breaks every hour for 5-10 minutes to take part in something you enjoy as a person this may be music, talking to a family member or friend as this is shown to help the minds ability to maintain high level performs throughout the tasks you are undertaking in. Various ways to keep the mind healthy is trying to learn something new and not being too scared to try new challenges. Daily education is very important as it keeps the mind young.

Looking into the science of the body and mind, these two are connected through neural pathways made up of different signals to help us as human on our everyday journey of life. Neurotransmitters, Hormones, and chemicals are pathways which send signals between the body and the brain to aid with our daily functions such as digestion, movement, thinking, feeling, breathing and many more. These two areas have very important links as the body and mind combined are one of the greatest creations. Physically being more active improves confidence which is amazing for the mind as this allows you to try and achieve things you might be intimidated by. Whereas keeping a positive and healthy mind will allow you to face your challenges and maintain high quality performance, thanks to the connection a healthy mind has with a healthy body.

Tips for at home
  • Find a realistic routine that suits you and the people around you.
  • Try to achieve sufficient sleep and adequate nutrition.
  • Exercise with household members outdoors if possible.
  • Set yourself weekly goals to achieve and work towards.

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