Have your say on the future of waste collections in MK

Have your say on the future of waste collections in MK

A borough wide consultation on the future of waste and recycling collection is set to be given the go ahead later this month by councillors.

As the waste collection contract is set to end in 2023, it provides the opportunity to consult with residents and seek their views on what the future of waste collection is in MK.

Hand in hand with the consultation, there is a waste collection pilot with residents in 3000 homes in some parts of MK, which will run from the Monday 26 October to February 2021 to test whether wheelie bins would work.

This comes after MK Council commits to become the greenest city and increase and improve the quality of the recycling collected across the borough.

MK is focused on:

• Having cleaner streets by reducing sack spillage.

• Being greener by increasing recycling.

• Being safer by reducing injuries to residents, staff and animals from sacks.

• Improving the quality of recycling by separating materials.

• Reducing our carbon footprint.

Results from the consultation and the waste collection pilot will help decide the new way forward.

Cabinet Member for the Public Realm, Cllr Emily Darlington said, “MK is one of the best places for high recycling rates in the UK, and we were one of the first to introduce kerbside collections and the first to build an own in-borough recycling plant.

“I urge residents to share their views on the future of waste and recycling. – we continue to make MK cleaner, greener and safer.

All information related to the pilot is on the MK Council website and the consultation will go live on MK’s consultation portal from November 2 for 12 weeks.

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