Free webinar for cyclists in MK

Free webinar for cyclists in MK

Respect, protect and enjoy MK’s Redways

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced cyclist – MK Council is offering a free webinar on Tuesday 13 October for those wanting to ride with confidence across the city.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown more and more people are getting around their areas differently, and there’s been an increase of almost 60% people cycling around MK.

The webinar supported by Love to Ride will cover the following:

  • Qualified instructors teaching fundamental urban cycling skills.
  • Ensuring your bike is roadworthy and how to be fully prepared to start your journey.
  • Showcasing routes across MK.
  • Q&A session with a local cycling instructor.
  • Reminding people to share their space considerately in line with the Redway Code
  • To be responsible for yourself and others safety.

A key part of the webinar will be to dispel myths around cycling in MK. So, there’s never been a greater opportunity to learn more about cycling and sharing the space on our amazing and very unique Redway network enjoying all the green spaces MK has to offer.

To register for the webinar visit:

For more information on cycling and the Redway Code follow this link:

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