Do you really want a 12 year old in charge of your marketing?

Do you really want a 12 year old in charge of your marketing?

This is a mistake and it can end up being very costly indeed. Last week we wrote about the hidden costs of poor leaflet delivery – don’t risk your business’ reputation (and finances!) by entrusting the wrong person to deliver your marketing materials.

4 reasons why you should hire a professional to deliver your leaflets:

Full postcode saturation

Leaflet delivery companies use a combination of GPS, mapping and satellite navigation systems to ensure all addresses in your target area are visited. Rather than risking someone who isn’t familiar with the area missing out some streets by mistake, be safe in the knowledge that all of the intended addresses have received your leaflets.

Accountability and delivery confirmation

But how do you know that all of the addresses have been delivered to? If you hire a 12-year-old – you won’t. You would just have to take their word that they have visited everywhere you instructed them to, and that they haven’t fly-tipped a pile of your leaflets or put them in a rubbish bin somewhere so that they finish the job quicker.

Reputable leaflet delivery partners will offer satellite tracked leaflet delivery to prove that every leaflet went exactly where you wanted it to. If you give them 10,000 leaflets, they will be delivered to 10,000 addresses – with solid, GPS tracked proof.

Insurance and safety

Sometimes, accidents happen. How would you feel if your friend’s child got injured whilst delivering your leaflets? That could damage your friendship forever. Or what if they accidently injured someone else or caused damage to their property? That could end up costing you lots of money in damages.

Don’t run the risk of being responsible for injury or damage. Leaflet delivery companies carry full public liability insurance in case of an accident. That gives you additional peace of mind as all of the ‘health and safety’ responsibility lies with the leaflet company, not with you.

First impressions

Sometimes when approaching a business or home to deliver a leaflet, the deliverer will meet the people that work or live at the address. Which do you think gives a better impression? A smartly dressed, polite adult or a young teenager with music blaring out of their headphones? First impressions are so important with marketing; don’t waste them.

The Leaflet Delivery Service

We hope that the above pointers have helped you to see the benefits of investing in a reputable and trustworthy leaflet delivery partner. Here at Your Local Flyer we are proud of our commitment to the safe and reliable delivery of your leaflets.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to use GPS tracking in our deliveries. We offer a 100% delivery guarantee which we can prove with the GPS data that gets collected.

For more information about our leaflet delivery services in Milton Keynes, click here.

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