Are You Damaging Your Hair Everytime You Shampoo?

Are You Damaging Your Hair Everytime You Shampoo?

Have you ever thought when buying shampoo that it doesn’t matter what you buy just as long as it’s on offer?
Have you ever wondered why your hair never seems the same once you’ve left the salon and washed and styled your hair at home?
Does your hair appear weighed down and lank or greasy after washing and styling?

If you can relate to any of the above, read on and you may just change your mind about the shampoo & conditioner you use.  Why do we recommend professional shampoos/conditioners over supermarket versions? The simple answer is that professional products contain higher-grade ingredients and are much more highly concentrated. Supermarket versions are watered down and will contain more ingredients such as silicones which will coat the hair and weigh it down.

They also contain higher levels of sulphates which give shampoo ‘foam’ or ‘bubbles’. These are good cleansing agents but over time will strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils.You may find yourself using a lot more of the supermarket version because of their dilution, so initially you will think it’s cheaper but you may be buying it more frequently in the long run. Salon Professional products will last that much longer because you don’t need to use as much due to the higher concentration of ingredients. 

Professional VS Supermarket Shampoo – which will you choose?

Supermarket Shampoo

• These are diluted, so contain more sulphates, water, silicones and fewer vitamins, oils and minerals.  
• Silicones leave a residue on the hair, so after time build-up a barrier, and therefore can prevent colour from taking. This residue can be felt on the hair and can cause hair to feel lank.
• The sulphates in these shampoos make them more detergent based. This makes the shampoo ‘foam up’ making you think the hair is really clean, however, this isn’t always the case. The sulphates also have a stripping action, so this can lead to colour fade. They also remove the natural oils from the hair resulting in a drying effect.
• These are cheaper than professional shampoos but people generally use more of them to get the lather, so really they are being bought more frequently.

Professional Shampoo

• These contain very little to no sulphates, which is better for your hair.
• They are more concentrated so you use much less, therefore the shampoo lasts much longer.
• Maintains your colour and prevents colour fade.
• They contain much finer ingredients such as vitamins, oils and minerals which help to repair hair.
• They are more expensive, but this is due to the   quality of ingredients and development of the shampoo’s. They also last much longer so likely work out cheaper in the long run as you aren’t buying as frequently.

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