17 Reasons Why Leaflet Delivery is Still Effective

17 Reasons Why Leaflet Delivery is Still Effective

There are many reasons why leaflet delivery is an effective way to spread the word about your business. Whether you’re running a brand awareness campaign or advertising a specific product, event or sale, here are our top reasons why leaflet delivery is an essential part of your business marketing:

Why your marketing plan should include leaflet delivery

1. You can reach large numbers of people quickly.

2. The cost per thousand people reached is relatively low.

3. Multiple people in each household will have access to your business literature.

4. You can target your delivery addresses based on demographic data about people interested in your product or company

5. Your business becomes a talking point in a household as people are likely to discuss your offer or brand when they pick up the leaflet.

6. Once the leaflet is designed it can be printed multiple times for delivery in different areas or at different times of the year.

7. Leaflet delivery partners can be used so that delivery doesn’t take valuable working time away from you or your employees. Reputable leaflet distribution companies can provide you with valuable data such as the GPS information of delivery addresses.

8. You can appeal to potential customer’s sense of community by including location-specific offers or information on their leaflets.

9. You can analyse the results of the campaign using tracking offers and codes on the leaflet.

10. Receiving a leaflet through the door forces the recipient to look at it, unlike when advertising online or in a separate publication where the reader might skim over your advert.

11. Leaflets are an ideal way of advertising local events as they are delivered to your exact target audience.

12. People often keep leaflets for companies they think they might be interested in purchasing from in the future which enhances the lifespan of your campaign as they may come to you weeks or months into the future.

13. Leaflet delivery is a great way to A/B test different marketing or campaign ideas – send different leaflets to different areas and analyse which brings to most results in order to decide which direction to focus future campaigns on.

14. If you’re a new business or have recently located to the area, leaflet delivery is one of the most effective ways of getting your name recognised in the local area.

15. Rather than running one large campaign that tries to please everyone you can produce several different leaflets for different target audiences, e.g. one for businesses addresses and one for residential.

16. Leaflet delivery is a more cost-effective way to spread your business literature than using direct mail.

17. Unlike direct mail campaigns, with leaflet delivery, you aren’t restricted to making your leaflets a specific size or shape based on common envelope sizes. Be creative and make your designs stand out!

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