Conservative Pledge to Lower Depth for Pothole Repairs

Conservative Pledge to Lower Depth for Pothole Repairs

The local Conservative party has promised to review the depth for pothole repairs should they win the local elections on 3rd May.

It comes as the Labour/Lib Dem Council has been under pressure on its record for fixing potholes. In February it emerged that the Council had failed to spend £450k of ring-fenced Government funding through the pothole action fund. Furthermore, both parties voted to scrap the 28-day repair timeframe for potholes leaving them on the roads indefinitely.

The leader of the MK Conservatives Cllr Alex Walker said:

“It has become clear that the state of the roads is such a big issue for residents. Every door we go to it is the same story. It is time for change and it is time to do things differently. We will review the depth that defines a pothole.

A serious option is looking at 40mm, it will stop potholes getting to a size to damage cars and it is cost-effective in the long-term.”

Conservative Spokesperson for Transport and Highways Cllr John Bint said:

“Labour and the Lib-Dems have allowed our roads to fall into the worst state they have ever been. They have been complacent, voting to scrap the 28-day repair timeframe was misguided and will lead to more, larger potholes on our roads for longer.

“Lowering the depth for repairing potholes has been something I have wanted to do for a long time and I am pleased we can go into the election with this pledge to change the way things are done.”

The Conservatives have already pledged to:

  • Reverse the decision to scrap the 28-day repair timetable taken by Labour and the Lib Dems.
  • Fix an extra 8,000 potholes within 6 months.

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